Video 5 – 12 Star Tour of Earth’s Pentagram Ley Line Grid, Sacred Geometry/Geography

Sacred Geometry World Pentagram GridThrough my work presented in earlier videos, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a grid of pentagrams embedded in the Earth that form ley lines which the Earth’s geography follows. I think of it as being part of the sacred geometry of Earth, or sacred geography. This short video takes a tour of 12 world pentagrams that are arranged like a icosidodecahedron projected onto an outer sphere.

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In the video you can clearly see how the continents and ocean floor follow the pentagram ley line grid.

Besides the 12-star ley line grid presented in this video, I have seen that there is at least one more 12-star grid as well as 2 larger pentagrams centered on both the North and South poles. I’ve seen further evidence that suggests this pattern repeats fractally within the grid with ever smaller pentagrams.

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Pentagram Grid and the Icosidodecahedron


The 12 world pentagrams of this video hint at the underlying geometry. like a slightly distorted icosidodecahedron projected onto a sphere. For there to be no distortion, the legs of each pentagram would have to be 6666km (1/12 of the Earth’s circumference) and they’re not. I drew a grid in Goodle Earth that has that 6666km dimension but it didn’t fit the geography so I discarded it. The grid in this video is based on the red pentagram in the Northern Hemisphere which has long legs of 5477km and fits into a pentagon with sides 3333km long. See video two for how I constructed this Pacific pentagram


Star tetrahedron (merkaba) with latitudes and Hawaii

Star tetrahedron (merkaba) with latitudes. Note the Big Island of Hawaii is at latitude 19.49187°N.

The dodecahedron is one of the 5 platonic solids. It has a 2D projection that fit’s within a star tetrahedron’s (or merkabah’s) 2D projection on the flower of life (see graphic below). Considering that there might be a star tetrahedron in the Earth with one tip right at the big island of Hawaii – which is the lower apex point of the Pacific Pentagram – these geometric projections take on a deeper significance.

If you take a look into sacred geometry and the flower of life, you’ll find that this geometry runs at all scales. From the planet, to the person, to fruit like an apple, to flowers, and all the way down to our DNA. Have a look at this intriguing post, The Snowflake and the Flower by Scott Onstott at his Secrets in Plain Sight website.

As above, so below. 6 and 5. The 6 of the star tetrahedron giving rise to the 5 of the dodecahedon and the pentagram grid on the Earth.

Flower of Life to Fruit of Life to Star Tetrahedron to Dodecahedron

Showing the relationship between the flower of life, the fruit of life, the star tetrahedron and the dodecahedron


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2 thoughts on “Video 5 – 12 Star Tour of Earth’s Pentagram Ley Line Grid, Sacred Geometry/Geography

  1. Coralie Matthews

    Very interesting stuff I am most interested in the smaller lines as they permeate more of the earth. I still believe the ley lines and body chakras are energetically joined. Love the vids good research.

    1. gardener Post author

      I think the ley lines and meridian lines of the body are the same thing, just different scales. There is one grid and all humans are integrated in it with their own energy system.

      Thanks for watching.


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