13 Roman Ancient Obelisks

The 13 ancient obelisks in Rome

Rome has 13 ancient obelisks. Eight are from ancient egypt (out of 21 total in the world) and five are from ancient Rome.

Italy has more of these ancient obelisks (11) than does Egypt (9).

Alignments to significant sites are marked by at least some of these obelisks. I suspect that all of are used to mark at least one alignment but I haven’t looked for it.

For Example:

  • The outdoor alter used by the pope aligns exactly with the Matteino Obelisk and the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Lateranense Obelisk aligns with St. Peter’s tomb in the Vatican, centre of Campidoglio square, Coliseum, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Lateranese Obelisk aligns with Flaminio Obelisk, Stonehenge and Mt Rushmore
  • Sullustiano Obelisk aligns with Esquiline Obelisk and the site of the JFK assassination (as chance would have it)

JFK Assassination and Rome Monuments

JFK Assassination and Rome Monuments

  • Three Obelisks of Rome’s 13
  • Two of the seven Pilgrimage Churches of Rome, one of them founded with soil from Jerusalem (Santa Groce). Church is considered to be “In Jerusalem” because of this. The other (Santa Maria) is the largest church in Rome dedicated to Mary and is considered part of Vatican territory.
  • One statue of Neptune in the Piazza del Popolo, site of papal executions for hundreds of years.
  • Two tridents in the street grids
  • And an alchemist’s door thrown in for good measure.
  • Pope Sixtus V: Raised Flaminio Obelisk, Raised Esquiline Obelisk, opened up road along this alignment, has tomb in Santa Maria Maggiore,.

Washington DC and Easter Island Alignment

Washington DC aligned with Easter Island

This great circle alignment starts in Washington, DC at the Queens’ bedroom in the White House. It continues over an apex of the Pentagon Pentagram and almost bisects it. Finally it ends up at Easter Island, which itself has pentagonal symmetry, aligned with two of its three main peaks.

I’m curious why the White House has a bedroom dedicated to Queens?

For some reason Easter Island seems to be valued by many civilizations through history evidenced by their creating alignments with their important buildings.

Easter Island, Hornby Island, and Washington DC

The topography of Easter Island, its most prominent geologic features, relate to one-another with pentagonal geometry. This geometry lines up with both Washington DC (via Tikal) and with Hornby Island. In Washington, the alignment passes over both one apex of the Pentagon Pentagram and the White House

Easter Island aligns with Hornby Island and White House in Washington DC

The Washington DC Alignment relates to Osama Bin Laden in a direct way that’s laid out in the third episode of the short mini-series Argo Dark Lincoln

The deeps of the world and the International Peace Garden

The Masonic Hall at the International Peace Garden is aligned with Sirena Deep, the 3rd deepest spot on the planet. It is also on a line from the 2nd deepest spot, Horizon Deep, to the Manitoba Legislative Building that is itself a Masonic temple. These two lines are at an angle to one another that is the same as the all-seeing eye on the back of the US one dollar bill.

Quite a bit of coincidence…


Megalith Rosetta Stone on Fire Island, Alaska. 61° 7’38.35″N, 150°15’4.61″W

Download the Fire Island Megalithic Alignments Google Earth file and circulate widely.

There’s something happening here,
what it is aint exactly clear.

Something big is going on on Fire Island Alaska. I can only begin to put it into words (CERN, HAARP, Great Pyramid, New York, Washington, Hollywood) so perhaps a couple of pics would help.

Each of the platforms aligns in 4 directions, there are 7 in total.

When you take a look at the data and connect the dots, you can clearly see vortexes and platonic geometry in Google earth at intersection points.

Please download the file if you are interested, know someone who is, or even just to preserve it.


WTF is Up on Fire Island?

Never have I seen so many meaningful alignments…

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PGS 17: Argo Dark Thirty

Three movies nominated for the Best Picture Award at the 2013 Academy awards (Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln) feature Hollywood history lessons about specific real world events. The locations of these events align with one another across thousands of miles and nearly 150 years. These alignments point to even deeper geomantic mystery taking us from modern fire sacrifice to ancient Egypt…

Runway 33, George Bush Airport & Machu Picchu

Runway 33 George Bush Airport,3333.33 miles from Machu Picchu at 333.33 deg True North

Runway 33 George Bush Airport,3333.33 miles from Machu Picchu at 333.33 deg True North

Runway 33 at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston, TX) is exactly 3333.33 miles from Machu Picchu at 333.33 deg true North and also exactly halfway between Machu Picchu’s Sacred Stone and the synchromystic vantage point on Mt. Hunter. (Click through to see the blog post with video).

In April 1997, Houston City Council unanimously voted to rename the airport George Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston, after George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States.

The Three Big Ones of the Alaska Range, Mt Foraker/Sacred Stone Overlay

The green and red lines are both 6666 miles from the Sacred Stone of Machu Picchu. The Red line is a 333.33 deg true N bearing and points at Mt. Foraker. Outline of Sacred Stone matches Mt. Foraker from the viewpoint.

Exoteric & Estoteric: Peace Pyramid Mirrors Manitoba Legislative Building

Peace Pyramid Grid mirrors Manitoba Legislative Building Grid

Peace Pyramid Grid on the left mirrors the Manitoba Legislative Building Grid on the right.

The Palace of Peace and Reconcilliation (aka the Peace Pyramid) of Astana, Kazakhstan lies at the center of a grid formed by aligning with the following:

  • Cleopatra’s Needle in Paris
  • The Great Pyramid in Giza
  • Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran (3rd eye chakra)
  • Georgia Guidstones

This grid is almost exactly mirrored by one centered on the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg Manitoba formed by aligning with:

  • Cleopatra’s needle in New York
  • Machu Picchu
  • Kuh-e Malek Siah, Iran (3rd eye chakra)
  • Masonic auditorium in the International Peace Garden (shaped like the compass and square symbol)

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Machu Picchu Lines of North America: Yin, Yang, & Torture

Machu Picchu Yin Yang lines of North America

Machu Picchu Yin Yang lines of North America

North American geography follows ley lines from many different sources. Two of the most prominent of these lines are defined by starting at Machu Picchu and passing through the tallest and deepest points on the continent.

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Video 15: Synchromystic Connection of Mt. McKinley to Machu Picchu’s Sacred Stone

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Sacred Stone of Machu Picchu

Sacred Stone of Machu Picchu. Photo by Aquisbe on flickr

Machu Picchu has a sacred stone that towers over a ritual square. If you draw a line from this stone to the tallest mountain of North America, Mt. McKinley (Denali), it runs along the continental divide which acts as a border between Alberta and British Columbia. It goes over the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies (Mt. Robson) and the second tallest (Mt. Columbia). It goes over the hydrographic apex of N. America from where water flows to all three of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans.

Mt. McKinley is 6666 miles from the Sacred Stone (to the nearest mile). Not only is McKinley the tallest in NA, but it is also one of the most prominent in the world.

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Video 14: World Pentagram’s ‘North Pole’ – Japan Mirrors the International Peace Garden

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The Big Island of Hawaii has the two tallest mountains on Earth if measured from the sea floor. Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea rise nearly 11 km from the bottom of the Pacific and Mauna Loa contains over 75,000 cubic kilometers of rock, making it by far the most massive mountain on Earth. If we draw a great circle between this and the Great Pyramid in Giza, arguably the greatest monument in the world, it forms a prime meridian of sorts that bisects the Horn of Africa, separates Europe from the Middle East and Asia, and separates Asia from North America.

Drawing a great circle North from a bisection of the Pentagon War Headquarters by Washington, DC intersects the above Great Pyramid prime meridean to form a Pentagon North Pole that is also pointed to by a pentagram lying at the center of North America. The size of the North American pentagram is defined by having one apex at the International Peace garden and the pentagram’s placement is further defined by being bisected at the International Peace Garden by the Canada/US border.

This North America centered pentagram if mirrored about the Great Pyramid prime meridian, ends up being centered on Japan. Both the NA pentagram grid and the Japan pentagram grid appear to shape the geography of each respective region.


Video 13: Freemasonry and the Deep

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The Masonic Auditorium in the International Peace Garden was build as a Freemasonic compass and square symbol. It turns out that this building is aligned with a great circle running through the third deepest spot on Earth, (HMRG) Sirena Deep, and is also centered on a line connecting the second deepest spot on Earth, Horizon Deep, to the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Canada.

While the geographic center of North America is claimed to be located at a number of spots, there is a strong case for the center being at the Manitoba Legislative Building. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising then that this building might have been designed to be a Freemasonic Solomon’s Temple as detailed in Frank Albo’s work.

Pyramid, Obelisk, Deepwater Horizon blowout, Washington DC, Guantanamo Bay torture, Machu Picchu, third-eye Earth Chakra, and extreme Earth geography all linked up with remarkable coincidences.


Peace Rock Coming to the Garden

The source for much of this information is the Circle of Friends Peace Rock website from where I’ve taken quotes.

There is a large Rock currently making its way around England that’s destined to end up in the International Peace Garden. This Peace Rock was quarried from the Preseli hills, Wales, the source of Stonehenge rock. When not on the road, it’s resting at sacred sites and on key ley lines where the public is invited to come lend their energy to it by touching the Rock.

Stonehenge with farm carts.c 1885

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Video 9: The 9/11 Great Circle: Esoteric Landmarks of Peace, Egypt, and the World War Headquarters

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The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation in Astana Kazakhstan (aka the Peace Pyramid) and the International Peace Garden align to form a great circle around the Earth that has
an incredible connection to Sept. 11,2001.

The two landmarks and the edges of continents along this Great Circle divide it into 6 sections of 8880km, 4444km, 8765km, 4444km, 9999km, and 3456km. These remarkable distances encode the numbers 9, 11, & 8 and link back to Washington, DC where a similar encoding results from the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Hard to put into words and quite incredible really.

Video 8: Sirius, Orion, The International Peace Garden, Egypt, and Freemasonry

This video shows how the IPG seems to encode the rising position of both Sirius and the Orion Nebula, ie where they appear on the horizon at the moment of their rising.

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Great Pyramid shafts pointing to Orion & Sirius

Great Pyramid shafts pointing to Orion & Sirius.

This carries on a tradition of marking the positions of this cosmic pair dating back to the at least the time the Great Pyramid of Giza was built when the position of Orion and Sirius were marked with shafts leading to the King’s and Queen’s chambers respectively.

In the video I show Sirius and Orion on the date of their heliacal risings at the International Peace Garden. In ancient Egypt, the Heliacal rising of Sirius marked the beginning of the new year and coincided with the flooding of the Nile that brought fertility to the land every year.

From Wikipedia: The heliacal rising of a star (or other body such as the moon, a planet or a constellation) occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon for a brief moment just before sunrise, after a period of time when it had not been visible.

Apparently the heliacal rising of Sirius is still valued today. In 2012 this rising occurs on August 11, which is the day that both the Masons and the Order of the Eastern star (which is Freemasonry for women) are having their annual general meetings at the International Peace Garden.

Makes me wonder just what will be going on in the garden that morning…

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Video 7: HAARP, CERN and the Pentagram Ley Line Grid: Large Scale Energy Manipulation?

HAARP from the air

HAARP with Mt. Drum in the background. Photo by the United States Federal Government.

HAARP and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN are both industrial-scale energy manipulation devices. While they both have stated scientific goals, their connection to the Pacific Pentagram described in earlier videos and other significant sites and events suggests that there may be more to these energy manipulators than what is written on Wikipedia. Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest and the International Peace Garden

Poplar Forest, Virginia

Poplar Forest, Virginia. Notice the octagonal structure.

The International Peace Garden has an interesting geomantic link to Washington, DC and the Georgia Guidestones via the Poplar Forest estate of Thomas Jefferson.

I am writing about this link because the Guidestones look so similar to the towers in the garden. This similarity, and the controverial inscriptions – especially the one about limiting the Earth’s population to 500 million – got me searching for ‘International Peace Garden and Georgia Guidestones’ where the work of Cort Lindahl turned up. Cort laid out almost all of this connection on his website which I recommend you check out.
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Video 5 – 12 Star Tour of Earth’s Pentagram Ley Line Grid, Sacred Geometry/Geography

Sacred Geometry World Pentagram GridThrough my work presented in earlier videos, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a grid of pentagrams embedded in the Earth that form ley lines which the Earth’s geography follows. I think of it as being part of the sacred geometry of Earth, or sacred geography. This short video takes a tour of 12 world pentagrams that are arranged like a icosidodecahedron projected onto an outer sphere.
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Circumference of the Earth in Feet

Circumference of the Earth in Feet
I just heard an amazing coincidence. The equatorial circumference of the earth in feet can be found by multiplying the number of days in a year, by the number of degrees in a circle, by 1,000:

365.24 days x 360 degrees x 1,000 = 131,486,400 feet.

The official measurement accepted by the IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) is 131,479,713.54 ft.

So is the length of a foot really the length of some kings foot in some era long gone? Really?