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Summer Downstairs
All Summer Gear 25% off!

Organic nut butters
The co-op stocks organic nut butters.

A Unique Community Owned Shopping Experience

The Hornby Island Co-op aims to provide good value, a wide selection, fair prices and the best possible service in one-stop island convenience.

A co-operative is a business with a difference. The key to a co-op is that it is owned and controlled by its members, and exists to serve the needs of the people who own and use it and the community around. Co-ops exist for the benefit of their members, not for private gain.

Co-op members and visitors alike will enjoy the many goods and services offered right here on the island. A full feature grocery store, deli, hardware, gas bar, liquor outlet and post office just to name a few departments of our store.

The co-op from ringside

Hornby Island Co-op in July, 2015