International Peace Garden to Imagine Peace Tower Encodes Speed of Light

The distance from the International Peace Garden to the Imagine Peace Tower encodes the speed of light. The Imagine Peace Tower is a memorial to John Lennon by Yoko Ono in Iceland. It is 186,498,598″ from the Peace Tower at the IPG which is the speed of light in miles per second x 1000″ (99.9% accurate) c=186,282 miles/sec.

If you continue this alignment, it points close to an obelisk in Port Said, Egypt (within a couple hundred meters) that commemorates the martyrs of the Tripartite Aggression,an invasion of Egypt in late 1956 by Israel, followed by Britain and France. near the mouth of the Suez canal.

IPG to Imagine Peace Tower

Secure, Private Social Network Coming Soon (If You Want It)

Because of the pivotal role social media plays in today’s society, we need at least one public commons social network funded by the government. It will have the functionality of Facebook (or better) but will be developed with open source code so anyone can know exactly what is being done with their information.

Privacy will be completely in control of the individual and their information would be encrypted requiring a court order to access. That way when you share with friends, you won’t be sharing with government and corporations because they aren’t your friend, unless of course you want them to be…

The new social network will upload all of your Facebook info that is technically feasible so that you can seamlessly transition across platforms taking your marketable content stream with you.

There are improvements that can be made. For example, you could create the network so that marketers could use your information if you agreed, but you’d receive all of the profit because it’s subsidized by the government.

This right to socially network with people will be facilitated by taxing existing social network companies.

If we want this, and I’m sure most of us can see that it’s a good idea, we simply have to make this go viral and demand it. There are more than enough people on social media to make it so.

If you don’t share this in some way ask yourself why you prefer the current system over one where you’re in control.

Australia Shaped Like a Hexagon, Aligned with Holt Naval Communication station.

Holt is a hexagonal large scale hexagonal array of towers that is the most powerful transmission station of VLF radio in the southern hemisphere and Horizon Deep is the second deepest spot on Earth. Uluru is a prominent outcropping of bedrock that is a so-called Earth chakra and is sacred to the Aboriginal people.

If you scale up Holt’s shape without changing its orientation, there is a remarkable, fractal correlation with the shape of the Australian continent and a pentagonal, 108° relationship emerges.

Australia shaped like hexagon

Australian Songlines: Uluru to Holt Naval Communications Base and Horizon Deep

Painting of Seven Sisters Songline, by Josephine Mick, Pipalyatjar, 1994 overlaid with a geographic/energetic ley line. The line passes through Holt Naval Communication Base, Uluru and terminates at Horizon Deep, the second deepest place on Earth. The Uluru/Kata Tjuta formations line up according to this alignment.

Songlines are complex pathways of spiritual, ecological, economic, cultural and ontological knowledge.

Australian Songlines and Earth Grid Leylines