Australia Shaped Like a Hexagon, Aligned with Holt Naval Communication station.

Holt is a hexagonal large scale hexagonal array of towers that is the most powerful transmission station of VLF radio in the southern hemisphere and Horizon Deep is the second deepest spot on Earth. Uluru is a prominent outcropping of bedrock that is a so-called Earth chakra and is sacred to the Aboriginal people.

If you scale up Holt’s shape without changing its orientation, there is a remarkable, fractal correlation with the shape of the Australian continent and a pentagonal, 108° relationship emerges.

Australia shaped like hexagon

Australian Songlines: Uluru to Holt Naval Communications Base and Horizon Deep

Painting of Seven Sisters Songline, by Josephine Mick, Pipalyatjar, 1994 overlaid with a geographic/energetic ley line. The line passes through Holt Naval Communication Base, Uluru and terminates at Horizon Deep, the second deepest place on Earth. The Uluru/Kata Tjuta formations line up according to this alignment.

Songlines are complex pathways of spiritual, ecological, economic, cultural and ontological knowledge.

Australian Songlines and Earth Grid Leylines

JFK, 911, and Sept 14, 2014: Sioux City False Flag Prediction 77 & 13

With only a couple days to go, I am predicting that on Sept 14, 2014 they powers that (shouldn’t) be are going to perform their strike 3 closing ritual to the JFK Assassination and 911 events. This end game event has something to do with Sioux City Iowa of all places according to what I’ve seen.

I hope that I’m wrong because the NWO have made it clear that the end game is not going to be pleasant to say the least.

At least we only have to wait a couple of days…


So the Clintons are in Iowa for the 37th annual ‘Steak Fry’ on Sept 14th, 2014, between 13:00 hours and 16:00 hours, 1+6=7 so we have a 13 and a 7.

Moreover, the distance from a building on the Steak Fry property to the Masonic Hall in Sioux City is exactly 888,888′ and the distance from the Manitoba Ledge to the same hall is exactly 444.44 nautical miles.
Tom Harkin – 37th Harkin Steak Fry
Official Website of Iowa Senator Tom Harkin

Pope: “Today’s conflicts amount to 3RD WORLD WAR, says pontiff on visit to Italy’s Redipuglia war memorial”

Further to the prophetic news articles in the video (Manitoba Leg, Obama visiting Stonehenge, Bin Laden assassination memorabilia going on display at the 911 museum) this one came out today.

WTF, Pope calling the 3rd world war on September 13th?? Last prong of the trident on another level?

Note that Sept 13 is 9+1+3=13. Recognize that 13 can be considered as a trident if you turn the 1 on it’s side 3– and you get a, admittedly tenuous , link to this all.