13 Roman Ancient Obelisks

The 13 ancient obelisks in Rome

Rome has 13 ancient obelisks. Eight are from ancient egypt (out of 21 total in the world) and five are from ancient Rome.

Italy has more of these ancient obelisks (11) than does Egypt (9).

Alignments to significant sites are marked by at least some of these obelisks. I suspect that all of are used to mark at least one alignment but I haven’t looked for it.

For Example:

  • The outdoor alter used by the pope aligns exactly with the Matteino Obelisk and the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Lateranense Obelisk aligns with St. Peter’s tomb in the Vatican, centre of Campidoglio square, Coliseum, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Lateranese Obelisk aligns with Flaminio Obelisk, Stonehenge and Mt Rushmore
  • Sullustiano Obelisk aligns with Esquiline Obelisk and the site of the JFK assassination (as chance would have it)

JFK Assassination and Rome Monuments

JFK Assassination and Rome Monuments

  • Three Obelisks of Rome’s 13
  • Two of the seven Pilgrimage Churches of Rome, one of them founded with soil from Jerusalem (Santa Groce). Church is considered to be “In Jerusalem” because of this. The other (Santa Maria) is the largest church in Rome dedicated to Mary and is considered part of Vatican territory.
  • One statue of Neptune in the Piazza del Popolo, site of papal executions for hundreds of years.
  • Two tridents in the street grids
  • And an alchemist’s door thrown in for good measure.
  • Pope Sixtus V: Raised Flaminio Obelisk, Raised Esquiline Obelisk, opened up road along this alignment, has tomb in Santa Maria Maggiore,.

Washington DC and Easter Island Alignment

Washington DC aligned with Easter Island

This great circle alignment starts in Washington, DC at the Queens’ bedroom in the White House. It continues over an apex of the Pentagon Pentagram and almost bisects it. Finally it ends up at Easter Island, which itself has pentagonal symmetry, aligned with two of its three main peaks.

I’m curious why the White House has a bedroom dedicated to Queens?

For some reason Easter Island seems to be valued by many civilizations through history evidenced by their creating alignments with their important buildings.

Easter Island, Hornby Island, and Washington DC

The topography of Easter Island, its most prominent geologic features, relate to one-another with pentagonal geometry. This geometry lines up with both Washington DC (via Tikal) and with Hornby Island. In Washington, the alignment passes over both one apex of the Pentagon Pentagram and the White House

Easter Island aligns with Hornby Island and White House in Washington DC

The Washington DC Alignment relates to Osama Bin Laden in a direct way that’s laid out in the third episode of the short mini-series Argo Dark Lincoln

The deeps of the world and the International Peace Garden

The Masonic Hall at the International Peace Garden is aligned with Sirena Deep, the 3rd deepest spot on the planet. It is also on a line from the 2nd deepest spot, Horizon Deep, to the Manitoba Legislative Building that is itself a Masonic temple. These two lines are at an angle to one another that is the same as the all-seeing eye on the back of the US one dollar bill.

Quite a bit of coincidence…


Megalith Rosetta Stone on Fire Island, Alaska. 61° 7’38.35″N, 150°15’4.61″W

Download the Fire Island Megalithic Alignments Google Earth file and circulate widely.

There’s something happening here,
what it is aint exactly clear.

Something big is going on on Fire Island Alaska. I can only begin to put it into words (CERN, HAARP, Great Pyramid, New York, Washington, Hollywood) so perhaps a couple of pics would help.

Each of the platforms aligns in 4 directions, there are 7 in total.

When you take a look at the data and connect the dots, you can clearly see vortexes and platonic geometry in Google earth at intersection points.

Please download the file if you are interested, know someone who is, or even just to preserve it.


WTF is Up on Fire Island?

Never have I seen so many meaningful alignments…

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